Fellow Cowpokes!

Welcome to my creative adventure where you get a chance to see the view from my seat in the saddle. Life gets a little western sometimes whether you’re wrangling cattle, or wrangling twins. It wasn’t until I became a mother that I realized that wrangling cattle was just a warm up for identical twin boys. It is truly a wild ride, and I am so excited to share these stories from the place I give all the credit to–the ranch.

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About Me

I am a wife, a mother, and a teacher.  Those are the obvious identities that I have.  I have worn many different hats during my time on this planet, but the longest occupation I had was my 12 year career as my dad’s cowpoke.  I’ve decided it is time to share my experience with the rest of the world how rural America influenced the woman I am today.  

You all are here for the reflections of my past, and my journey to becoming a creator.  My writing is here for what your heart needs.  You may find life lessons, parenting solidarity, or immense feelings as you read my work.  You may also find yourself being educated on the rural world, or even reminded of the simple things that you enjoyed growing up.  It is all here for you to enjoy.  

I thank you for joining me on my adventure to find myself in my writing.  Right now I’m aiming to be Kelcie Martin, an author, a strong woman who loves her family and has respectable ties to her roots. As they would say in the cowboy world, get a deep seat, and hold on tight, things are about to get western.

Come on Pokey, catch up!